Marshall Allen Webinar

Tuesday, September 28th – 11:00 am EST


Please join Total Control Health Plans and Conner Insurance as we host a discussion with ProPublica investigative reporter and author of “Never Pay The First Bill”, Marshall Allen.  Marshall has spent the last 15 years investigating the health care industry and exposing the insidious ways the system preys on vulnerable Americans.  Topics will include:

– Fraud

– Price Variation

– Impact of auto adjudication

– Over treatment   


Marshall Allen

Marshall Allen was reporter for ProPublica where he covered the health care the health care industry for 15 years.  He is one of the creators of ProPublica’s Surgeon Scorecard, which published the complication rates for about 17,000 surgeons who perform eight common elective procedures.  Allen’s work has been honored with several journalism awards, including the Harvard Kennedy School’s 2011 Goldsmith Prize for Investigative Reporting and coming in as a finalist for the Pulitzer Price for local reporting for work at the Las Vegas Sun.  

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