GEICO Ad Bracket

While many of us use commercial breaks to grab a snack or take a break from the action, there are often advertisements that captivate us, providing 30 seconds of joy and laughter. Take Geico, for example – for decades, they’ve entertained audiences with hilarious hijinks and witty one-liners.

Whether the source of the fun is an adorable little gecko or a cheerful camel, our team is inspired by Geico’s ability to remind us that insurance doesn’t have to be painful – it can even be fun.

In the spirit of Geico, we’ve developed a tournament style bracket, putting 8 of our favorite advertisements up against each other in a head-to-head showdown. We invite you to watch the commercials, enjoy a laugh, and vote for your favorites weekly to help us crown the Funniest Geico Commercial.

Each week, we’ll open up the next group of matches for voting, so keep tuning in to this page to cast your vote for your favorite commercials (or characters).

Round 1 – Voting Now Closed

Round 2- Voting Now Closed

Round 3: Voting open from Thursday, November 30 through Wednesday, December 6.


1. Watch the Ads

Hump Day


Dog Table

2. Select Your Favorites

3. Stay Tuned for the Results!