Total Control Health Plans

Big healthcare may seem complex, but it exists to serve your company and your employees, not the other way around. With a Total Control Health Plan, you manage your healthcare supply chain directly.

Our Health Plans 

Get complete insight into your REAL costs for care and administration


Direct relationships with institutions who offer the highest quality


Leverage to negotiate better prices for care and drugs

Administrators who prioritize your success and employee health

What’s the Difference?

Commercial Carrier Plan

Employers outsource all management to the insurance provider. The moving parts are bundled together and so is the price, leaving employers powerless and in the dark.

Total Control Health Plan

Employers manage their own healthcare supply chain and have direct access to each of the pieces. This direct relationship creates price transparency and eliminates hidden costs.

Your Guide in Taking Control

The path to total control needs to be at your pace. Whether it’s incremental changes or a comprehensive pivot, we take a strategic approach year-to-year to ensure success.

Align Healthcare to Your Vision

Your unique needs should not be crammed into a preset mold. We start by meeting to understand the role healthcare plays for your business growth, continuity, employee attraction and engagement.

Get the Data

Smart decisions start with data. We’ll help you work with your current provider or engage a third party to gain access to complete and transparent claims data. If you are paying for this care, you have a right to understand exactly what services cost.

Uncover the Pain Points

Analyzing your price v. claims history, you’ll gain visibility to the key drivers of ballooning costs and pain points for employee access. With access to comparative regional, state and national price and care quality ratings, we’ll uncover where you could save on care and medications.

Rebuild Your Health Plan

Equipped with our deep experience and industry relationships, we’ll help you to map out a healthcare supply chain unique to the needs of your employees and locations. It’s likely your new health plan won’t look quite like any other company’s, and that’s a good thing.


Implementation & Negotiation

We work directly with the highest quality healthcare providers, PBMs, TPAs, drugmakers and medical managers to negotiate competitive pricing and clear processes for employees. 

Empower Your Employees

In collaboration with your management team, we help engage your employees in the changes and advantages of the new benefits offering. Your employees will be able to make more informed care decisions when equipped with insight into cost and quality of available providers.

Featured Case Studies

Hear from businesses who value innovation, transparency and the health of their employees.

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