Rethinking health insurance from the ground up.

We founded Total Control Health Plans on the basic principle that you deserve the same insight, performance and control over your health insurance as you would with any other supplier. If you talk to any of our clients, they’ll testify to the passion, hustle and intricate industry knowledge we leverage toward rebuilding health plans that put company’s back in control.

Total Control Health Plans is closely partnered with Coldbrook Insurance Group, a strategic business insurance agency serving clients nationwide from Grand Rapids, MI.

Our People

Mike Hill - Founder

Mike Hill - Founder


Mike Hill has been advising employers on health care cost reduction strategies for nearly two decades. An expert in self-funded medical plans, Mike has helped employers implement solutions focused on reducing the cost of health care, such as direct contracting, direct primary care, and others.

Understanding that pre-packed fully insured medical plans eliminate all employer control over their health care supply chain, Mike wrote “Not Rocket Surgery, An Employers Guide to Controlling the Health Care Supply Chain” which introduced the concept of the Total Control Health Plan.

Mike is passionate about empowering employers to use the same techniques on their health plans as they use to manage all other aspects of their business. By doing so, employers not only experience dramatic cost reductions and flat annual increases, but they also provide better plans to their employees.

Mike is a member of the Next Gen Benefits Mastermind Partnership, and serves and has served his community as a Board member of multiple non-profit organizations.

Jessica Walters - COO

Jessica Walters - COO

Jessica has been serving employers as their key, day to day, contact since 2012. An expert in Benefit Administration systems, Jessica has thrived serving multiple location, highly complex, self-funded clients with the implementation of multiple technology platforms. Jessica is key to client retention by providing unique strategies that allow self-funded employers to choose the best ways reduce costs that fit their culture.

Prior to joining Coldbrook, Jessica managed the employee benefit program for a 3,000 employee health system. Jessica oversees project implementation, reporting, and general service for our most complex clients.

Deborah L. Ault, RN, MBA

Deborah L. Ault, RN, MBA

Deborah, is well known and respected in the industry and has been the builder of successful medical management programs since 1996. Deborah has pioneered the “proactive”, “day-one, dollar-one”, and “progressive patient-centric” models of medical management. Most recently the creation of P3CM™ (patent in process) tops her resumé.  She is a sought-after speaker and a passionate advocate of the use of evidence-based clinical practice standards.

Take Back Control

You don’t have to keep renewing your insurance within a broken, opaque system full of misaligned incentives and ballooning costs. You can take control.

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