About Mike

Mike Hill has been advising employers on health care cost reduction strategies for nearly two decades. An expert in self-funded medical plans, Mike has helped employers implement solutions focused on reducing the cost of health care, such as direct contracting, direct primary care, and others.

Understanding that pre-packed fully insured medical plans eliminate all employer control over their health care supply chain, Mike wrote “Not Rocket Surgery, An Employers Guide to Controlling the Health Care Supply Chain” which introduced the concept of the Total Control Health Plan.

Mike is passionate about empowering employers to use the same techniques on their health plans as they use to manage all other aspects of their business. By doing so, employers not only experience dramatic cost reductions and flat annual increases, but they also provide better plans to their employees.

Mike is a member of the Next Gen Benefits Mastermind Partnership, and serves and has served his community as a Board member of multiple non-profit organizations.

“Mike is consistently pushing himself and his clients to find solutions to the health care crisis facing our country. His book is another step in that direction sharing actionable insights that will benefit employers and advisors alike.”

 – Bob Gearhart Jr., Partner, DCW Group

“Michael Hill has captured the essence of what it means to take control of your organizations’ health care costs. While some may feel powerless to combat rising employee benefit costs and their employees‘ dissatisfaction with perceived reductions in benefits, those who read Mike’s book will be armed with the tools to defeat both.”

 – State Representative Jim Lilly

“Mike’s insight into the solutions for the health care crisis in America are unparalleled. He is doing the health plan industry, employers who provide health plan coverage, and the employees whom ultimately utilize those valuable benefits as patients in the American health care system a huge service by sharing his insights and solutions in the form of this book. The solutions to this crisis already exist, and Mike has done a spectacular job of laying them out for anyone who cares to take advantage of them.”

 – Deborah Ault, President, AIMM


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