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Rethink your health insurance.

Get full transparency into health plan performance, and reduce costs an average of 20% in your first year while boosting employee retention and health through data-based decision making.

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The Shifting PBM Landscape

As we approach January 1st, many employers are yet again seeing increases to the cost of their health plan - an all too familiar product of a health...

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Own your healthcare like no one else’s business.

You deserve the same insight, performance and control from your health insurance partners as you would expect from any other supplier. We are your strategic partner and guide to build a healthcare plan from the ground up that empowers employees, champions health and reduces cost like never before possible.

Complete insight into healthcare costs.

Working with a traditional carrier requires you to outsource the management of one of your largest cost centers with little to no visibility into actual costs. A Total Control Health Plan means:

  • Plan participants get the right care, at the right time, in the right place. 
  • The ability to fully understand and manage every cost driver.
  • Direct relationships with institutions who offer the highest quality.

Guaranteed success from a passionate team.

The health and wellness of your team is everything to your success as a business. We have a track record of success, and we guarantee winning solutions. Our livelihood is at stake in every plan we build.

We are not health insurance salespeople. Success in challenging the status quo requires us to think differently, build new relationships and hustle to bring it all together. You won’t find anyone as passionate about this as we are.

In Good Company

Case studies from a few organizations that enjoy total control over their health plans.

Stewarding More Effective Tax Dollar Usage & Providing Excellent Retirement Benefits

During their annual budget process, the City of Northville, Michigan analyzed their current expenses while projecting future costs for retirees and current employees.

As they started adding the numbers up, they became concerned their liability would grow to an unsustainable level. Realizing their health benefits coverage represented a good portion of that problem, they decided to try something new to take control of their healthcare costs.

Creative Dining Finds 20% Savings with a Self-Funded Plan Rebuilt from the Ground Up

After receiving their third consecutive 20%+ health insurance increase, Creative Dining Services was disheartened with the traditional approach that left them with a menu of bad options. When shopping carriers to get a better price didn’t work, they were faced with having to reduce benefits or increase employee contributions.

With a Total Control Health Plan, they were able to cut costs by 20% in the first year while maintaining a 100% coverage for their employees.

Effective Supply Chain Management Requires Detailed Information

A client with approximately 400 employees on their medical plan was contemplating transitioning from a fully-insured plan to a self-funded plan when they discovered one of their members had a medication projected to cost over $750,000 in one year.  Armed with one vital piece of information, they were able to save $700,000 with a Total Control Health Plan.

Stepping Over Dollars to Pick Up Dimes

One aspect of the Total Control Health Plan is ensuring claim processing is handled by a person, not a computer. By investing in a slightly higher administration fee, employers can save in the long run due to more accurate claims. One employer saved $78,664.86 on one claim alone by implementing a Total Control Health Plan.

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Total Control Health Plans

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Total Control Health Plans

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