Self-Funded Healthcare Article in Chief Executive Magazine

“Having to tell [our team] their out-of-pocket healthcare costs are going up 14 percent is a miserable task for a CEO, one that also affects our ability to retain quality people. The time had come for us to manage our health plan like like the rest of the P&L.”

– Jim Eickhoff, CEO of Creative Dining
“The Cure For Healthcare Costs,” Chief Executive Magazine, March/April 2020

We worked with Jim Eickhoff, the CEO of Creative Dining, to direct his company towards self-funded healthcare for their employees, and they’re already reaping the benefits: Creative Dining is reportedly on-track to save $500,000 in healthcare expenses this year.

To read more about Jim’s experience with self-funding his company’s healthcare, as well as the experiences of other CEOs, check out Chief Executive’s article: