Stewarding More Effective Tax Dollar Usage & Providing Excellent Retirement Benefits

During their annual budget process, the City of Northville, Michigan analyzed their current expenses while projecting future costs for retirees and current employees. As they started adding the numbers up, they became concerned their liability would grow to an unsustainable level. Realizing their health benefits coverage represented a good portion of that problem, they decided to try something new to take control of their healthcare costs.


The City has two main stakeholders: current and past employees, as well as taxpayers. Their employees and retirees wanted to feel supported by their employer and confident in knowing their healthcare benefit was secure. Simultaneously, the City has an obligation to the residents and taxpayers to improve cash flow, reduce administrative burden, and tactfully handle the financial challenge of balancing retiree benefits.

“Total Control Health Plans’ proactive strategizing & advising of the City’s insurance benefit plans led to alternative lower cost options the employees and retirees are grateful for.”

Sandi Wiktorowski, Director of Finance, City of Northville, MI

Additional Case Studies

Stepping Over Dollars to Pick Up Dimes

Stepping Over Dollars to Pick Up Dimes

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