Coronavirus Update 3-27-20

In comparison to all of the action over the last week and a half, the last 24 hours hav been more quiet but I do have a few updates for you today. 

  • The stimulus bill is currently being debated in the House and there is hope that it will be passed today by unanimous consent or a voice vote (neither requiring a quorum).  There is, however, some drama at the moment with at least one Republican and possibly others (both Democrat and Republican) saying they are going to call for a quorum.  If this happens, there will need to be at least 218 members of the House present and that may not happen until Saturday.  Either way, it will likely be signed into law by the end of the weekend.
  • Barnes and Thornburg hosted a webinar in partnership with the Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce on the FFCRA today and during the session shared the attached summary of the benefits of the FFCRA for employees.  This was created by one of their clients, a church, and they were happy to share it with anyone.  We like the format of the summary and you may as well. 
  • Miller Johnson hosted two more webinars today and they will be available here soon.  You may especially find interest in the session from 10:00 today on Paid Time Off – The Intersection of Federal, State, and Employer-Provided.
  • Finally, I love to laugh and the coronavirus crisis has brought out some great humor from many people.  With this being the much welcome end to a very long week for all of you, I have two items you might enjoy: 

We hope you have a restful weekend and please don’t hesitate to reach out if there is anything we can do to help you.  Look for more updates from us in the coming days.