Upcoming Webinar – Are You Insured For Miracles?

Are You Insured For Miracles?

Preparing Your Health Plan for the Gene & Cellular Therapy Revolution

Join us for a Free Webinar on Tuesday, May 2nd from 12-1:30pm

SHRM Credit Available

Modern medicine is advancing like never before with new “miracle” treatments offering hope and healing for those battling cancer or inherited diseases like cystic fibrosis or hemophilias. While these treatments are exciting and life-giving for employees on your health plan, the price tags associated with them are potentially devastating to self-funded employers.

Join Total Control Health Plans and Conner Insurance for the upcoming webinar, “Are You Insured For Miracles?”, to learn more about these groundbreaking treatments and get answers to questions like:

  • What gene therapies and cellular therapies are currently on the market, and what additional treatments are coming down the pipeline?
  • What potential cost implications should self-funded employers be aware of for treatments like gene therapies?
  • How can self-funded employers navigate legal and regulatory considerations related to gene therapy treatments?
  • What impact will gene therapy treatments impact stop-loss policies?
  • How do pharmacy benefit managers help ensure access to miracle treatments?


Eric Barker RPh.

Chief Growth Officer
True RX Health Strategists

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Josh McGee

Vice President of Program Development
Stealth Partner Group, an Amwins Group Company

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Attorney Jennifer McCormick

Senior Vice President
Phia Group Consulting

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Anne Jackson

Principal & Consulting Actuary – Health Practice

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Webinar Hosts

Mike Hill

Total Control Health Plans

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Ben Conner

Conner Insurance

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