The Shifting PBM Landscape

As we approach January 1st, many employers are yet again seeing increases to the cost of their health plan - an all too familiar product of a health insurance model that isn’t working for consumers. Time and again, we’ve seen costs rise for plan participants without...

Accessing Healthcare Quality and Cost Transparency

Accessing Healthcare Quality and Cost Transparency

Sage Transparency makes hospital quality information easily and freely accessible. Many of us know the stress that comes from surprise sky-high costs after receiving healthcare services. It can feel impossible to know how much providers will charge for outpatient,...

How to Compare Hospital Prices with Sage Transparency

Thanks to Sage Transparency, healthcare consumers and employers can compare hospital prices like never before. Pricing information is readily and easily available for an endless amount of products and services… but that’s not necessarily the case for healthcare. At...

How to Educate Employees on Their Healthcare Plan

The health insurance industry standard is to host an open-enrollment meeting once per year, but we’ve seen firsthand that that isn’t enough. Knowledge is the foundation of employees engaging in their healthcare plan, and 20 minutes every 12 months doesn’t provide adequate time for true understanding.

Why You Should Engage Employees in Their Health Plan

Businesses are putting greater focus on employee retention and attraction. While some industries are facing record layoffs, others struggle to fill role vacancies. While benefits, are a large part of this equation, benefits don’t benefit anyone who doesn’t understand what they are, how they work, and how it positively impacts them.

The Truth Behind the Mysterious “Network Discount”

Every year as your business renews its health plan, you probably hear the term “network discount” thrown about as one of the many benefits that provider offers. Today we’re going to take some time to demystify what a network discount is and explain why it may not be as good a deal as people are led to think.